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Things to do and places to visit in The Cebu Islands

Cebu Island is known as a great tropical destination with many things to do. And, there are many places that you visit in the Cebu Islands. If you are planning a vacation at the Cebu Islands and you are wondering if there is going to be something that you can do or places that you like to visit, then you should read this. These are some of the best places you can do when you are in the Cebu Islands:

Going to the Cebu Westown Lagoon for the whole family

This is normally the highlight of many tourists that are visiting the Cebu Islands. This is the number one place that you can take your children to. Children from all ages can have fun here. There is the lagoon where they can play and have fun at, or they can enjoy the kiddies pool or enjoy rides of the water park.

There are many things that you can do in Cebu Islands, but the Cebu Westown Lagoon is the number one place to go.

Visit the terraced flower garden

If you like nature walks and see different flowers, and then the terraced flower garden is the place that you should visit. The terraced flower garden is the first terraced garden in the world, and is for sure something that you should visit, no matter what.

This is a great place to take your children to. Not only will they be able to learn more about these flowers, but they will be able to say that they have visited the first ever terraced flower garden in the world.

The temple of Lea

The temple of Lea can’t be missed. This is a large temple with the lion’s head in front of the temple. This is a great tourist attraction and everyone that is going to the Cebu Islands can’t wait to see this temple.

There are interesting facts about the temple that you can learn there. Things that you might not have known and things that you might find interesting. If you are at the temple, you will be able to see over the whole city. This is a great view that you can’t miss out on.

Hike Mount Babag

For the adventurer, the hike on mount Babag is going to be an experience that they will never forget. This might not be ideal for children to do the hike, but larger children and adults can do the hike without any problems. The hike will show off all the nature scenes that can be found in Cebu Island.

There are truly a lot of things that you can do when you are visiting the Cebu Islands. You should just make sure that you are going to do research and to find the best places to visit. There are many things in and around the Cebu islands that are making this one of the best tropical holiday destinations.