Hi there folks, Dominic checking in from Honolulu (Hawaii).

Its the first stop on my nomadic legs and apart from the culture (tourist culture), it doesn’t feel much different to home. One thing I wasn’t expecting was how expensive it could be, and as I’m not staying too long, it won’t make too much of a dent.

I also found out the worst time to visit December. Not only is there Christmas to contend with but also Pearl Harbor anniversary and the Honolulu marathon. What a month that is.

Anyway, I missed it so I was lucky although it would be cool to see something a little different. I had booked a place to stay for the five days I was there as a thought a hostel would be out of the question.

As I needed to keep a check on my laptop (work wonderfulwork), I didn’t want to leave it anywhere where the possibility of it not being there later would arise.

As I was only staying a short time venturing to the other islands was a little unreasonable, soI concentrated my short tourist expeditions around Honolulu. It would have been nice to venture out yet there is more than enough to keep you occupied here.

The first trip I took was way over to the east of the island to Hanauma Bay which is the best place for snorkeling. Due to it being based in a nature reserve the visitors are obliged to watch a short video of the marine life and how they preserve it. Well, you have to expect something like this, and it makes sense.

After that, there is a 5 – 10-minute hike to the beach where you are greeted by the cool clear water at the bottom of the crater. If you have your own snorkel mask take it as they charge $12.50 for hire on top of your $7.50 entrance. Maybe it is better to purchase in case more snorkeling comes along on my trips?

A quick tip, get there before 7 am, and entrance is free.

I quickly found out you are better arriving early as they now limit the number of visitors per day so if you get there too late you might find you can’t get in. At 3000 there is still more than enough souls kicking around to make it feel full, so I decided to call it a day not long after lunch.

A couple of hours in the water was more than enough to make me feel wrinkled and then drying off in the early morning sun. It is a great way to start off a nomadic lifestyle but Idon’t think all my stops will be this relaxing or they will have the same amenities for visitors.

Lockers, showers, restroom, and places for lunch and snacks, and I can see it is a great place to take the kids if you are over this way. They also have a lifeguard, so there is no need to worry about the none swimmers.

All in all, it was a great half a day, now I had to think of something to top it over the next few days