Hi there folks, Dominic checking in again from Honolulu 

I’ve been doing the beach thing and have to spend some time close back to base due to some whohave come up, so trips have been half a day here and a couple of hours there.

That being said there is some exciting stuff to see around Honolulu which is closer to my base than having to venture off.

I visited the Iolani Palace. It might not be the biggest in the world,yet it has a heap of history. It had been the home of King Kamehameha III when he moved the capital to Honolulu in 1845. It must be good having that much power.

The original building was demolished with a new one taking its place and was then considered one of the best examples of Hawaiian architecture. It combined both European and local styles to produce something pretty unique.

It is an excellent sight into the history of Hawaii as a whole, and you get to look around the original throne room as well as the king and queens private suites. It is very regal and very different to what you expect to see in Honolulu.

Another pretty spectacular place I visited was Shangri La. This was home of Doris Duke who was the daughter of a tobacco tycoon. When he passed away, he left his fortune to her which was a whopping $1.3 billion in 1993. As she had no children, she spent much of her wealth on art collections, various homes and spent her time fulfilling philanthropic works for the good.

Shangrila here in Honolulu was only one of her many homes, and it was inspired by her many travels around the globe. I had a sense of familiarity when I read that part. A lot of her traveling took her to the middle east. Well, a home on five acres is a hefty building, to say the least. It even has a 75ft saltwater pool and some magnificent views of the ocean.

It feels strange to be standing in Honolulu yet looking at 3500 pieces of Islamic art that adorns much of the home. Her collection is impressive and has embroidered pieces from central Asia, carvings in wood from Morocco and tiles from Iran of all places. She was a huge fan of this type of art, and quite a few of the Muslim artists were alive at the time she purchased from them. I wonder if they got a big break after she showed an interest?

You can see why she called it Shangrila as the place is spectacular and is built on one of the most beautiful islands in the world. Well done Doris Duke.

Dominic is calling it a day, I’m bushed.