Intro – Dominic

Ever since I was a kid and had a massive interest in sci-fi and all things “techie” it was apparent I was going to go into a career which somewhat fulfilled my interests. I missed out on some of my childhood in the later years, from the age of eleven or twelve onwards to be exact as I had my head stuck in books pretty much all of the chance I had.

As I got older, I did get a life. I soon realized the world out there was huge and needed to be seen. My interest in all things tech continued yet it got paired with all the different countries out there. It was then I came up with my three-year plan.

I Dominic, twenty-three-years-old and single (at the moment), was going to save like hell and then become a nomad. I had, or should I say “I HAVE” the best job in the world that lets me do this, computer programming is fantastic, even more so with phone apps flooding the market.

That’s not saying I can go without work, but all those years of having my head in a book have paid off. Ever since I found out about “freelancing,” I was pretty much set for my travels. All I had to do was reach my three-year saving period goal, and I was set.

At the time I started to put my nomadic plan onto paper. What I needed to continue working and what countries I was going to visit and in what order. I did know there had to be some order as I would possibly need visas and somewhere to stay that gave that all critical “Internet connection” for when I had to work and contact my clients.

I checked what a regular traveler would do, and they would venture off to the east and head toward Europe. I was doing something entirely different and heading in the opposite direction. Without giving too much away, I was heading to Asia for a while, but I had one stop off on the way just to have a taster of a different culture for a few days. Talk about dipping your toe in the water first, and it was close enough to home that if I changed my mind, I could head back.

Well, I had saved up quite a stash over three years and living a life of luxury, albeit a very cautious life of luxury, I had put aside enough to last a good ten to twelve months along with a ticket home from pretty much anywhere.

That wasn’t the point of the exercise though. I was going to be a nomad, living and working when and where I pleased “within reason and work allowing.”

My plan was in place, and I had bid my farewells for the time being. My flip-flops and shorts were packed right next to my laptop.

Next was a short flight from Los Angeles to Hawaii—Aloha.